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“(Four Stars) Great Classes, Facilities and Kid Activities. Low Cost Classes for whole family. They now have Mommy & Me Classes Too! .... Nice Facility. Hidden Gem for your Family.” - Mommadeanna, www.GoCityKids.ParentsConnect.com

Settled into the open prairie space of the residential Watauga, TX neighborhood, the Watauga Community Center looms smaller than it really is.  Its design language of stepped clerestory linear windows bring the mass of the gymnasium scale down to a friendly, inviting scale.
Architect Eric N. Rohlfing, in collaboration with LBL Architects, designed the 20ksf Watauga Community Center and park master plan.  Amenities include: lobby, gymnasium, weight room, multi-purpose room, game room, art-craft-kiln room, classrooms, locker rooms, offices, lobby, exterior walkways, terrace and parking among existing native oaks. The 15 acre park site also features an existing senior center facility and proposed future natatorium, soccer fields and additional parking.
The linear organization of the recreation center lobby will link to the future expansion and is abundantly lit with a ribbon of clerestory windows and skylights. The transparency between spaces via glass partitioning, facilitates natural lighting, exterior views, spaciousness, security, and the interconnection of activity between rooms. Likewise, the gymnasium, weight room and control center are also visually connected to each other and to the exterior with north glazing, glass partitions and clerestory windows.
Surfaced-ground, exposed aggregate concrete block, brick, aluminum storefront glazing, standing seam galvanized roofing, exposed structural steel, stainless steel hardware, and clear varnished wood millwork comprise the Texas contemporary palette of materials.